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Bizzaro Cyphastrea

bizzaro cyphastrea coral frag under actinic lights
The Bizzaro with striking colors under actinic lighting

Our featured frag is the Bizzaro Cyphastrea. Whether it's an SPS or LPS coral, this jury is still out there. However, if I were to categorize them by care requirements then these corals are definitely LPS. They do not require much care and if water parameters are off, don't count on them to alert you.

Bizzaro coral frag without make up
Bizzaro taking the florescent test. Will you still take her home? 😂

The Bizzaro Cyphastrea has a bluish purple skin with yellow polyps and a red center. The colors are duller along the growth edge, with the skin more brown than bluish purple and the polyps less yellow and could even be considered green.

I like this coral because of its very decent growth rate. See if you can find two new polyps magically appearing on Day 15 in the picture above. As for care requirements, I put them in medium to high flow and give relatively strong light. I notice that if not given enough lighting, the colors tend to get dull. So if you have dull looking Bizzaro Cyphastreas in your tank, you know what to do!

Care Requirements

Light: Between Medium and High

Flow: Medium to High

Vulnerable to Pests: None

Do you have Bizzaro Cyphastrea in your tank? Are the colors bright? What do you like about them and do you feed them?

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