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How to Frag Zoanthids

Been fragging corals for close to 5 years now and I've developed a clean and effective technique for zoas.

The Tools

1. Gloves

2. Blade

3. Bone Cutter

4. Glue

5. Two-Part Epoxy

Step 1:

Connecting tissue linking the bottom two polyps to the rest of the zoas

Cut off the connecting tissue using a blade. Don't worry. The zoa will be okay if you don't cut through the polyp. Using a strong blade, run it a few times along the tissue. Tissue will give way easily.

End Result

Step 2:


Make sure you have safety goggles on and with one swift motion, CUT!

Easy work. These two polyps look sufficiently apart so I made another frag.

Step 3:

How to make an Epoxy Burger

i. Apply one drop of glue to the Frag Plug.

ii. Place a tiny piece of two-part epoxy on it. iii. Top off the epoxy with another drop of glue.

You may skip making the Epoxy Burger and directly glue the zoa to the plug. However, in my experience, epoxy does a better job at filling up the uneven space between the plug and the zoa. It's good to do this for insurance when fragging expensive zoas like GMKs or LSOHs.

Place the zoa on the Epoxy Burger and PRESS! Job done.

12 hours later

Fantastic Tools and where to find them

1. Gloves

Pharmacies like Guardian and Watsons. And strangely, at Horme Hardware. Costs about S$18 for a box (100pcs).

2. Blade

I use my trusty SAF Victorinox.

3. Bone Cutter

Aquamaniacs online store. Used garden shears in the past but they rust out in less than 6 months. Been using the Aquamaniacs Stainless Steel Bone Cutter for the last 1.5 years.

4. Glue OneReef's Premium Aquatic Gel from The Reefer.

5. Two-Part Epoxy I use DD Aquascape Construction Epoxy. Available in grey or purple color at Madpez. I use grey because it matches the color of my Frag Plugs.

The Author

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